Scratch Built 1:72 Mason-Cabot Resolve Mk. I “Macabre”

I had my own idea for a WWI “super weapon” – a mashup of a tank, a frigate or corvette, and ability to carry all of this on movable legs so as to walk across the trenches and battlefields.

I’d been reading and watching a lot about scratch building and kitbashing parts for unique creations. At the same time, I’d been looking at more and more sources about WWI and the introduction of tanks. I hadn’t tried building any tanks/AFV kits since I started modeling again. I think I was intrigued by the whole approach to weathering these vehicles.

No real formal design, just some basic drawings for concepts and sketches for revisions. Lots of Evergreen styrene sheets, tubes, angles, and strips. I used some 1:72 Emhar kits for the guns and figures. I used a lot of the extra gun carriage parts and an assortment of parts from my leftover kits for greebles. Tichy Train HO rivets for completing the “riveting.”

And this is the result of my first attempt at this process!